Women and pickup

Women and pickup

Female pickup - art, concealed even more than the pickup for men. This is due to the fact that for women is considered improper behavior. And yet there are a few secrets...


If the male pickup devoted thousands of articles, training and research, the pick-up for women undeservedly overshadowed. Injustice! After all, women also want to seduce and conquer. We have made conducted a small study, which found: yea, and also trained female pickup. And - men.


Female pickup is a science, and even more difficult complex than men's pickup truck. After all, if man-pikuper usually aims simply to sleep like a girl, the woman Pickup Girls are divided into those who are looking for a one-time sex and those who need long-term relationship. Technique and nuances are different in these two cases.


It is not so easy!


Nevertheless, there are common nuances, important for both types of temptresses. Here is what the web coaches’ women's pickup. If we talk about women's hair, they have to be long, and not so important what quality. Earrings - too long is preferable. Important posture, the ability to submit yourself (back straight, shoulders straightened). It's very sexy. If a woman gets well, a man quite spontaneously takes her a look. It should be slightly dilated pupils, pinky facial skin. Short skirt, long legs in high heels and you are the star of instant free chat site!  Also of great importance is the grace of a woman, her way of moving. For example just when woman does not twitch, and stroking her hands. Playing the role of body language it is the level of pheromones. So, when we like someone, the body begins to secrete large amounts of the substance.


The main purposes


The main purpose of pheromones is that they change some physiological parameters. Namely, the pupils dilate, his eyes begin to shine, swollen lips. As a result, she becomes more attractive, it is attracting more interest. By the way, there are many ways to increase the level of pheromones. For example, for a long time to drink a glass of St. John's Wort on the free local chat. Or take stimulant drinks such as coffee, tea and light doses of alcohol. Or there is chocolate. Exercise also helps to work with the imagination (it is possible to imagine someone with a face that you're interested in in terms of sexual contact).


It is important the presence of a breast. But no less important is the way a girl walks. The chest should be fed a little forward. If on the contrary, if it is not sexy, and no interest in men. Joint laughter helps to get closer. Using this, you can effectively seduce a man.




To seem more feminine, you can put his hands in his pockets. Thus, you open your breasts. One of the options could also be a dance gestures. This will help to synchronize their actions with a partner: it is possible simultaneously with a drink from a glass or take equally.


Do not talk about the problems with the police about the use of alcohol or drugs.

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