Funny moments

On this page we have collected for you the funniest and inimitably witty content related to unexpected situations, jokes and funny prank on chatroulette.

What is it?

What is prank chatroulette? Initially, so called jokes on the phone, but with the development of Internet technology, it has a new meaning. Now under prank understand jokes in video chat rooms and on sites like chatroulette, where the user has the opportunity to start a dialogue and to make fun of unknown interlocutor.

Chatroulette video prank - it's always very funny situations as they occur, without training, they do not perform professional comedians, and people reaction to them is absolutely natural.

If you do want to make fun of someone in a chat room, on this page you will find many chatroulette prank ideas, which inspire you to your own jokes and become a great example.


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Why do people do it?

Chatroulette prank funny become so popular for several reasons:

  • People want to make their life more colorful and funny, and the Internet and video chats - this is the most harmless environment for jokes.
  • Through prank even the most ordinary person can become a star of the popular movie with thousands and millions of views on YouTube.
  • Humor – is a self-expression and people wanted to show the world their wits.

In general, I hope we have proved to you that in prank on chatroulette is great. So just check it out with our cool collection of videos.