How to start flirting with a stranger?

How to start flirting with a stranger?

So, you come to our site in flirting mood and looking for someone to meet you. Almost everything depends on the first word of your dialogue. This is the first impression that cannot be corrected.

Just show the stranger that you exactly what he is looking for! Of course, you can write a standard "A / S / L?", but this is unlikely to produce someone impression. It is much better to say: “Hello Stranger! I feel sexy and hope that you are tall and beautiful brunette who likes girls, who is looking like Mila Kunis.”

You think it sounds corny? Then put it in your own words. The main thing to keep the basic rules of the first message:

  • Greeting s. You should show that you are friendly;
  • Just let them know what about you want to talk;
  • More kidding.

  • Flirting involves intrigue and a kind of dancing around the subject, so do not be crude

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