The myths about teenage relationships

The myths about teenage relationships

We keep talking about teenagers. Stay online with our blog and keep eye on our random chat. A myth, is a type of primitive-popular literary creation that tries to explain by a pseudo-scientific and pseudo-religious path certain phenomena of nature through improbable narratives (, 2011). There are false myths or beliefs about different topics related to the sexuality of adolescents, some of the most common are:

  • Only a pregnancy can occur if the man ejaculates inside the woman's vagina;
  • The woman never gets pregnant at the first intercourse;
  • If there is no orgasm in the woman there is no pregnancy;
  • Vaginal lavage after sexual intercourse is an effective method to kill sperm and prevent them from reaching the ovum;
  • When you fall in love EVERYTHING in the relationship is very beautiful and nobody gets hurt;
  • What are the limits for allowing teens to have a partner?

Many times parents have not put limits on their children because they assume that they can be traumatized or do not want to be blamed for prohibiting them from doing something. However, limits, routines, and rules serve to educate. It is about being friendly with the children, but not friends of them because we would lose our own paternity and symbolically we would leave them orphans. The rules as such, depend on the values ​​of each family and apply them for better or worse the parents or children when the parents are absent:

When parents forbid having partners to the children say, you cannot have a partner

  • Until you finish college, Until you finish your studies, Until you have a job, First you must learn to do the homework, First we need to spend time us and then you will have a boyfriend, For god’s sake, stop chat with girls online! You cannot do it because my parents would not allow me have a partner.

When parents accept that the children have a partner say:

  • Take him with you on vacation, Invite him with your uncles and grandparents, to go with us to the movies or to the party of ..., You can have it because my parents would not allow me, but I do give you permission, come out and have fun but with responsibility, I take them to a square or a party and then we pass by you, If you are going to start having sex better I'll take you to the gynecologist but I want you back to the ...

When children are allowed to have partner say, I can have it because ...:

  • I have good grades, I have completed my homework, Everyone at school has a boyfriend, I deserve it, I feel lonely, I'm old enough to have it, because I can already have sex.

Practical advice for parents

  • There are no princes or princesses;
  • The infatuation of our children is as important as any other stage of their lives
  • You have to give them information to help them demystify images of dating, attraction and love.

It is very intense and beautiful, but there are also amorous disappointments and generate a state of discomfort. 

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