What are the consequences of allowing teens to have a partner?

What are the consequences of allowing teens to have a partner?

The gender stereotypes present in society affect us from those early stages of the love life. In this regard Sergio Sinay (2001) states: "Women are experts in love and men in sex, says our stereotyped cultural model still in force." I note that in women the word is linked to solidarity, it is a means of uniting, sharing, compassion (in the sense of sharing passions). In males the word is related to power. Stay online with our chat with random people and keep eye on our blog.

Stereotypes or not, it is associated with women as more sentimental, caring, empathetic, communicative, loving, who also before deciding an affective relationship analyzes the context of their potential partner. While the man is associated as more visual, sexual, is not so interested in the context of his partner, and with a culturally repressed emotionality also unconsciously seek a maternal side in them. And, this is reflected many times in the discontent of parents in the possible choice of couple of children. The parents say: How did you go to fall in love with that bum? Does that little girl dress like any other?

However, the girls fall in love more ... from someone who:

  • He understands her, makes her feel valued, loved and listened to, has a better speech, does riskier things or stands out more within a group (the good or bad leader), her choice is more emotional and more than feeling

However, the boys fall in love more ... from someone who:

  • It attracts them more visually, it gives them more status for being more beautiful, more maternal side (to listen to you, to advise you, to give you affection and affection)

If we allow them to have a partner it is important...:

  • To establish the rules of coexistence inside and outside the house, to know what are the virtues and defects of the potential partner of our children?

If we do not allow it, but they decide to have a partner

They will have a couple clandestinely, They will experience their sexuality without having a guide of the parents with the risks that this entails, The rules of having a boyfriend will put the children, but not the parents, They could have a couple just for the fact That other girls have it.

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Unplanned pregnancy

Early pregnancy is a fact that is increasingly spreading in developed societies. Having a partner carries the risk of experiencing sexual intercourse without the care and responsibility of an adult. Thus, pregnancy in adolescence is a reality that can change your future life.

  • It occurs in countries of the third world and the first world.
  • At present it is a serious problem of PUBLIC HEALTH.
  • In the world there are ... 16 million (Ballesté, 2016).
  • Almost half a million Mexicans under 20 gave birth in 2005 (Unicef, 2016).

Most of the guys think: "you only live once", "you have to live life", "it's not going to happen to me", "I do not get infected or get pregnant", "that's why there is the pill of the day Next "," if you do it only once nothing happens ".

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