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Gay video chat connects gays all over the world fast and easy. There are plenty of guys online 24x7 that are looking to connect with other people for fun video chat. Free Gay Chat is the fantastic place to meet boys from around the globe using a webcam. It is entirely free to use, and there is no signup required to use gay chat alternative.

Talking with random guys


In our free gay chat, you can find gays which intelligent and sexy. Our free gay chat roulette site is a wonderful way to meet guys or just spend time because it's easy and instant to connect with other people all around the world. We offer a lot of features that are unique to the alternative websites. Gay video chat users can choose the country to connect with, only connecting with people that have their webcam enabled and even more.


First, you just need to push "start" button to talk to gays. After you begin, random people will connect within seconds that you can chat. If you don't like a person with which you were connected, just click "next" and you will be connected with another person.

There only one rule: people must be a mature to use the free gay Chatroulette, and you will not show something that is not allowed by our gay chat terms of use. People are free to talk about and explain anything they are feeling good with, and they are don't have to care that they will be kicked from chat like on other chats.

After an opening of the website for the gay chat, a user will want to activate his cam. After user’s cam has been activated, he could begin viewing random people as quickly as pressing the button.

Chat with random guys banner start gay chat button.

chat with random guys banner start gay chat button

If a user wants to stop viewing webcams, we have is a stop feature. This feature of gay chat roulette sites allows users to reduce their data usage when they are wanted to move away from their webcam for a time. At the top right corner of the screen is a country selection that allows users to choose which country they prefer viewing. If English isn't user’s native language, he can pick a language at the top right corner.

Gay Video Chat Useful Tips

By the way, people can view other webcams without actually having a cam of them own; they could probably be switched if they are doing have the webcam. Try to make sure that you have a working cam and that it's activated for greatest results.

If a user, not an English speaker, he can just select a language that he understands better.

If a user wants to speak with someone from a particular land, he could just choose this country from the menu. Pressing on the small cam icon next to the state menu would allow a user only to watch other people who have activated cams.


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A user doesn't just waste time, and find the right gay chat partner. Finding boys on our gay Chatroulette isn't hard because almost 90% of our users are males. Most of the people gay Chatroulette alternative sites are looking for girls and will switch other men instantly. Our gay site features bring people into a place with only other like minded people. In other words, that all of the people users see while using this features are interested in other men.

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You won't have to tell someone that you're into men, just because anyone will already know who is who. The biggest benefit of our gay chat is a huge gay community online; we are having over 20000 people in our gay chat. If you're one of those who is looking for some one-time adventure or even for a partner, our gay chat features could make the task much easier.

Average user rating:

I love this chat for two reasons: first one: it is as gay as it possible and it’s perfect; the second one it is just fine. Seriously, it is really hard to find a damn good webcam chat for gay people. Randomchat has everything that you need – thousands of people online!
Gay chat sites differs a bit from regular (for Christ's sake, they are different!) webcam chat roulette sites. But when you meet something like Randomchat – you know that everything is fine, because you know, that there are people who care and this is important for me
For me, webcam chat for gay is not another one Chatroulette with jerks, prankers, and just imbeciles, first of all, it is a way to communicate with similar people and with Randomchat I can do this simple, at first sight, thing without any problems. Highly recommended!
If you are looking for new emotions (or, maybe, looking for a new foreign boyfriend) but don’t know how to realize this - try Randomchat. Seriously, you can do both of this things simultaneously, and you can meet both points within a half of an hour.
I tired from half-dead webcam chat sites, but Randomchat is something completely different. Life here is boiling here 24\7 and in my opinion, this is amazing. There is no excess stuff like enormous scrapping payments, only fun, and wonderful people

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