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Our text chat is for whom who is looking free chat with no limits. Random chat text is the easiest way to meet hundreds of new people from all over the world. Our text chat is for whom who is looking for an attractive girl or want to flirt with a handsome man. Our random text chat is the place for you! You can freely enjoy the different chat rooms on the web, without registering or giving out any personal information. Our text chat with strangers requires no downloads. Also, you can find or create individual chat rooms to suit your preferences and interests, send unlimited messages from the site, and more. You can take a chat with a stranger or with your friends from other countries. When introduced in chat rooms on the web as a client, it is sufficient to indicate your nickname, age, and sex.
Our text chat prohibited next things:
  • Have 2 (or more) active account;
  • Publication of materials containing erotica and pornography;
  • Text infringing;
  • Publication of materials containing incitement to violence or incitement to any hatred;
  • Cheat rating karma;
  • Implicit request for increasing karma signed messages about its increase;
  • Placing a mass of similar messages, regardless of their contents;
  • To promote pedophilia and other offenses against minors.
If you want to improve the user karma in our text chat - raise it or lower - is reduced. But do not tell about it in a non-anonymous report. All of these messages will be regarded as an attempt to cheat! Comments left on the website are anonymous, and it makes no sense to ask us to tell who wrote a particular remark. But if we get a request from law enforcement agencies, we report them to the IP-address and the writing/recording. Administration of the project cares about the safety of your data. Our text chat doesn't store your passwords in clear text, so we do not know them. The only way to restore access to the Omegle text chat is in the event of a loss - to request the generation of a new password.
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  • Keyword search to find people with common interests.
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  • You can chat for free whenever you want.
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