Why you should protect yourself in social networks?

Why you should protect yourself in social networks?

Randomchat as the video chat portal is obliged to share this information.We can say that online communities born with the Internet itself. First it was the BBS (bulletin board systems, "bulletin boards") and discussion lists e-mail. People were happy to communicate with each other, bypassing state borders, across countries and continents. There were themed conference Usenet, chat rooms, web forums, blogs, and of course alternative chat. And then it is time for social networks. The root of social network is the man himself, his personality. You can put information about yourself online, including photos, text files, even information "where I am and what I do." The social network can help found lost in the past friends and classmates, talk with them and their family, to play together in any online game to flirt with a stranger, learn about good movies recently was released, and etc. In principle, this information is available without social networks. People are attracted by the opportunity to get everything at once, in one place, in an atmosphere saturated with the spirit of informal communication.

How did it work with online video chat?

A lot of words said that surrogate "omegle alternative sites" threatens the future to replace a significant portion of normal human life. But we do not know. It is unlikely that such substitution threatens modern civil society activists, people who in life there are many more important tasks. The main thing that social network (by definition) implies the exchange of information between people. The main thing is information about your person. "Who are you? What is your gender? How old are you? Where you living? Who do you work? What kind of music do you prefer? What kind of movies I enjoy watching? What about your family, children, pets? How do you spend your free time?” – Social networks are strongly interested in these questions. - Search for new friends! Tell them more about yourself! It's amazing how many people are willing to sincerely and in detail to spread their personal life around the world. But among strangers can be anyone.


And finally

- Well, - think cautious and sensible person. - I'll stay away from social networking, all those Facebooks and Twitters.

However, social networks are not a fashion, and not a toy. You should not treat it lightly. Today it is a powerful tool for the dissemination of information, communication with the audience, searching for allies and assistance.


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