Why love triangle is so tempting?

Why love triangle is so tempting?

The third element balances the relationship, allowing them not to make it clear; the true problem is not solved. Yes, the love triangle is associated with certain problems, but they are - a cover for the real problems that spawned this triangle. For example, it is easier to confess to her husband opened after infidelity than to admit that it has entered into a marriage of mercantile interests. Or wife lover easier to hide than to talk about her husband mad. Check out our new random chat room!

Why it is dangerous

 It does not give the opportunity to clarify the relationships, so – no single development can move into a deeper level of psychological proximity. Triangle is addictive. It can be stable and last for years. But this is an illusion of stability. Check our omegle phone number and call!


What to do if you're in a love triangle? First, to clarify what is really going on in a relationship? That silenced? Call partner in a direct conversation. Do not make claims - partner begins to defend and constructive dialogue will not work. And try together to understand how you ended up in this situation? Each of the elements of the triangle is responsible for his education. It is important to understand their part of the responsibility. When the real problem behind the triangle is found, it will be easier to decide what to do next? Staying in a triangle, selecting it as the lesser evil, as the easiest way? Or is it true to solve the problem? If it succeeds, the triangle will be no need. And your relationship with your partner, or will again be paired, or an unhealthy relationship will end and will have an opportunity for a new, more prosperous Union. Randomchat is free cam random chat for anyone!

Geometry of relationships

 Really love triangle arises in couples where one partner is experiencing dissatisfaction with some party relations. Lover in such cases is intended to compensate for the lack of sexual diversity, support, tenderness, or even comfort. Typically, this occurs at a time when a family or a couple going through a crisis in the relationship. One of the partners withdraws into himself, ignoring the fact the changes in life. The second half may experience this behavior as rejection, feeling hurt, anger and despair. As a result of pent-up partner is missing in the other person. Triangle steals energy dyad, but sometimes, on the contrary, it returns. Then it is likely that no "third" happiness is impossible. At this point, it is important to ask what I do not get enough. Then there is a chance to find an alternative solution to save the relationship in a pair.

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