What to talk about with a stranger in the chat?

What to talk about with a stranger in the chat?

Talks about past experiences:

Discuss current events. Talk to a stranger about the worlds recent events that shook you or you are interested in. Importantly, do not get involved in heavy and negative topics; make your conversation easier and more enjoyable.

Last dates. This topic may not always be relevant, but if your partner is witty and you have a couple of funny stories associated with a date, it can be really fun. Tell about your worst date, awkward moments. This topic is also easy to come into contact with the subject of a pickup, so you can learn what approach your interlocutor likes.

Recent ridiculous events. Crazy things often happen to us. It may amuse the interlocutor and to arrange it for you.

Hobby. People always like to discuss what they are interested in. Find out what kind of art love your partner, what he/she does in spare time.

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