What is the private revenge?

What is the private revenge?

We live in a world where people are very often sent explicit photos of his current or potential partner. Or just post them on your social networking page or profile groups. Regret it often has to: if the relationship did not work out with a partner, there is a risk to discover his nude in an unexpected place, issued for public viewing wronged partner.

Soon, however, the publication confidently sends you pictures of naked heifers will be completely illegal. Several countries have already adopted the law (for example, just the other day - in the US state of Utah), or seriously considering a draft law on criminal liability for the actions, which are called "revenge private."

Publish your photos or videos on the free webcam chat to humiliate the former partner. As a rule, this indicates the place of residence of the victim and her social network profiles - to frighten the public.

Personal revenge is the virtual scourge nowadays

In January 2014, Israel became the first country in the world to prohibit by law to post on the Internet, such as free chat rooms, erotic photos and videos, without the consent of all participants under the threat of imprisonment for up to five years. This happened after the video has gained wide popularity intercourse published anonymous guy thrown network messaging WhatsApp. The draft law prepared by the deputy of the Israeli parliament Yifat Kariwa.

Personal revenge as modern blackmail in cam chat

Yifat Kariwa: "We are witnessing an increasing number of sex crimes - photos and videos that were filmed and distributed on the chatroulette alternative without any restrictions and sanctions. The new law will allow us to deal with the phenomenon of "virtual rape" is much more effective. " Almost instant reaction to the incident of Israeli lawmakers unleashed American parliamentarians. Already five states (Alaska, Idaho, Texas, California and Utah) have adopted relevant amendments to the law that prohibits users post homemade private to "infliction of emotional distress or pain" (to joke about the "internal pain" here). Penalties include up to six months in prison or a fine of up to $ 1,000.

And it's a very interesting legal case: legal scholars adhere to the doctrine that legal rules should govern the most important relationship, and it is a common point of view, including legislators. In the case of "revenge private" US lawmakers have long sat in confusion, not knowing whether to regulation of specific social relations of moral and ethical character. And just then there was a harsh Israeli law, which became the trigger for the actions of the American parliamentarians. Now we can say with certainty - "revenge private" will be complete by the prosecution in court very soon.

Plus, the United States belongs to the Anglo-Saxon legal family, where great importance is attached to legal precedents. And over the past year they had had enough.

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