What prevents us to find the life partner?

What prevents us to find the life partner?

And the multitude of visitors to the random chat there are reasons that hinder the search for the soulmate. All the reasons come from ordinary human weaknesses and complexes, often for fear of promiscuity, impatience and desire to obtain immediate results.


It is easy to think about what circumstances prevented a successful outcome of events. If nothing came of beginning relations will certainly blame the partner - a nice new, clean, charismatic young man did not appear on a date in a trendy vehicle. And if you think that the more often to blame others - think about it. Perhaps the secret is hidden in you, something needs to be changed.

Here and now

Often in chat you can meet people who get disappointed after 1-3 days of presence and communication. The process of dating is not always fast. It turns out that people register on the site, believes that it should be showered tons of letters, and the soulmate will come to his house tied with ribbon. Of course, it's not working. It is necessary to draw the attention of your own, communicate, and only then you will notice the second half.


Failure to criticism, self-admiration and self-glorification can play with a man in a dangerous game. So man will be sure of himself, and the other half just pass by him, putting tip of intoxication of superiority.

In search of the ideal

Fictional image and search for candidates suitable for him - a long and fascinating thing. Months pass, and people all filters and searching pictures, trying to guess not only the appearance but also the social status, wealth, etc. It is much easier and more fun to communicate directly, without the construction of the individual criteria in worship.

Expectation of failure

When a person is faced with setbacks several times, he ceases to believe in the bright images. But our life is just one of a string of successes and failures; you need to be prepared for this. If one second and subsequent people dating site did not meet expectations, do not be sad. The next time a meeting with you on the Internet comes the other person, and it may be the one who will be able to get to the closest circle of your communication.

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