What answers are saying about your insight, ability to understand yourself and others?

What answers are saying about your insight, ability to understand yourself and others?

1. People understand others when perceive the past as a necessary experience. They tend to use different ways and methods to achieve their goals. And look at failure as the inventor of the light bulb Edison: "I found a thousand ways as it is impossible to make a light bulb."

2. They are paying very close attention to everything that people say, they say, and how to look at this. Because of this it is much easier to accurately remember all that others say.

3. They constantly monitor the reaction of the man - his movements, gestures and facial expressions - and therefore know how to act on others and how others act on them.

Insight – is your own view

4. They are not afraid to express their emotions - from anger and fear to love, because we always know that feeling in any given situation.

5. They are so sensitive to everything that is happening around; it is easy to avoid the threat of becoming a victim to potentially harmful to their health and life situations.

6. They are confident. They know that they not only survive, but also to win, because they know how to surround themselves with reliable people.

Your position – is your choice

7. Paying great attention to even the smallest details, they both see the big picture and are able to enjoy the small pleasures of life.

8. They have a good memory, they develop, and carefully watching what is happening around and studying the people with whom they have to deal.

And at last

9. In their business they are more likely to take good decisions than bad. If they take the risk, then carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons", because they know a lot of nuances and possible approaches to address the challenges they face.

10. They trust their intuition and personal experience, and cannot be another's influence. Thanks to its open-minded they rarely choose their friends and comrades of people able to give them some grief and trouble.

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