Virtual relationships between men and women: is it good or bad?

Virtual relationships between men and women: is it good or bad?

Firstly, the "sick" virtual love is not all, this virus that "infects" only people with certain mental properties (though they and love in real life the same situation), and secondly, these properties must be in certain states, that man might become addicted. This text could be really interesting for users of chatroulette alternative sites


Is it moral question?


Well, and thirdly, virtual love - it is not a priori "bad." Our world is made of high-grade area of the Internet dating. Met on the web today and met on the street are almost equal situations (even though in some countries, so familiar and not accepted). As shown, for example, an international survey GMI Poll, conducted in 18 countries,  of the 18,000 respondents seeking partners for marriage on dating sites on the web, while 20% keeping search for their soul mate in the equal way even after people are having already been married and divorced. Lover’s online "catch" 8%. The most conservative in this respect proved to Dutch, French, Spanish and Danish. Compared with other countries, Russians, for example are willing to start dating through the web, after visiting the alternative chat sites. 16% of people are looking for a partner for the marriage, 29% hope for a serious or long-term relationship, which is higher than the world average, and more than 30% include the search for entertainment and sex.


A little statistics


If the aspirations of the mates are the same, then give her any assessment meaningless. In such case, it doesn’t matter what tactic of behavior partners have chosen - to talk about themselves the truth or invent legends is they get what they are just could not get in the real life. Often on the forums people and explain peoples virtual relationships, "my partner understands me like no other," "my partner is really interested in the same things as I am, but in real life it's really difficult subject to find the same person," "our real meeting excluded for many reasons (family, children, living hundreds of miles away), but her / him, I don’t have idea, as you can feel the person and to what is virtual is real, "or" I truly love my partner, but and his / her love, too "," I will never leave the family, and his / her I love, "well, or in extremely cases argue that virtual lover - not real and therefore it is ok with that. Also, in this case it is turns out that virtual relationships - a peculiar way, albeit incomplete, but the implementation of mental properties. Why did they fail to implement them in real world is another question.

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