Turn off the brain: why thoughts interfere with good sex

Turn off the brain: why thoughts interfere with good sex

No matter how well you may know your body, it will be difficult to have fun in bed, if your thoughts are not clear what. Glamour found out what it means to approach sex with the mind. Learn more with video chat with strangers blog. The fact that the source of pleasure, as well as frustration, is in the head, with one voice all the experts suggest. "We used to think about all at once, and sex requires full concentration on the body," - says psychologist Laurie Brotteaux, which studies the impact of the state of mind to sexual stimulation. He tells how to cut unnecessary thoughts.

Yoga in bed

What is the relationship between sex and yoga? Yes, a good stretch helps to diversify the intimate life, but now is not about that. The fact is that to achieve orgasm easier if you are one hundred percent focused on the present moment - in yoga is called awareness. Studying women who suffer from reduced libido, Lori Brotteaux found that only four meditation sessions have increased their ability to excitation as help get rid of the thoughts of their own inadequacy during sex. "When a person focuses on the feelings that arise at any given time, it does not assess them without considering them and not get upset about them," - explains the Brotteaux. How to do it? The basic method - to follow the breath, or your partner (inhale, exhale, inhale ...) and ask yourself: "What am I feeling?" "Lock the focus on the physical sensations, such as the motion of bodies", - advises Laurie. If you want to chat with girls – try our randomchat.


No matter how well you may be, disturbing thoughts such as "I'm getting close?" "It's going to happen?" It may overlap with erotic experiences. "Make the purpose of orgasm - a sure way not to get it, - says clinical psychologist and sexologist Vivienne Cass. - It is necessary to start to "work" to achieve climax, and you are distracted. The closer it is, the more anxiety and more likely that a sex spirit disappear altogether. "  To get rid of distracting thoughts, Cass advises saying: "I just enjoy what is happening." If a "must" and "should" still penetrate into the head, ask yourself: "I am really obliged to get an orgasm, or pressure - a figment of my imagination" Once you drop this load will get what you want much easier.


Ironically, sometimes effective way to pacify the restless mind is- to give him complete freedom. "Fancy - not the same thing as awareness, but they help to direct thoughts in the right direction. Exciting images can enhance sexual response, "- said Brotteaux. Include them what to do with you partner: the more detailed the imagination, the deeper you sink into it.

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