Top 5 weirdest webcams

Top 5 weirdest webcams


This webcam looks into a London apartment through a keyhole. In our opinion, we saw what emerged to be the corner of a room, with a lights on, and literally nothing really happening. Checking in a three hours later, our team saw exactly the same (apparently real time) view. Enjoy the look of mostly nothing. Also free online chat is included.


Have you ever wish to watch people waiting in a live stream? Now you can do it! This is the exactly situation in the County Treasurer's The Treasurer’s Department would open to the Public Mondays till Friday from 8 am until 4 pm except the last work day of the month would be 7:30 until 5:30 am/pm at all offices. There would be no treatment of title work after 4:00 pm each day. This webcam is amazing because here is interesting things happening (you can see people sit, read, check their telephones, etc.) but it's also ridiculously boring. At least it's helpful...perhaps if you are in Topeka and you need to know how many time of a wait user would have trying to get in the Treasurer Office. Get your hall on. In addition, there free local chat rooms are included too!


"Mister Grass" have been providing a stream view of his own yard (attention: music playing automaticly) since 2004 year. It is surprisingly interesting, perhaps because the view including part of his driveway, because the street in front of his own house, so viewer could watch vehicles driving by. Also, of course, the grass is really growing (as evidenced by tons screenshots throughout out the years). Be sure to look out the "Click for Maximum size!" button on the site, and look out the Grassy Blog for some interesting events in the history of Mister Grass's lawn. This site is supporting free local chat sites.


Just when user thought he were safe with boring webcams showing safe subjects, we had to show you the HD Roach Webcam, a project of the University in Carolina. It also have been working since November 1993 (!). If you do not believe it is real time stream, look at screenshot and then refresh the main page, comparing the pictures. Then squirming and freaking out a little bit. Go on, we dare you, those little buddies can make the company in such a weird local video chat.


The Christmas Tree cam following the adventure of a giant fir tree that planted in Blue River, state Oregon. At Christmas time, it is decorated with amazing lights and such things. While the all other season it is just, you know, just a huge tree

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