Top 3 books about coffee for coffee lovers

Top 3 books about coffee for coffee lovers

Do you like coffee like we do? And if you like not only to drink coffee, but also to cook it, and also to experiment with brewing techniques, recipes, and even want to know everything about this? We have prepared a list of three, in our opinion, the best books about the coffee, which not only will make you want to run and try all the tips and recipes at once, but also infect the desire to dedicate this drink forever. Read more with our free chat room blog!

Scott Rao "Handbook of professional baristas. Expert guidance on the preparation of espresso and coffee»

For: obsessed professionals and non-professionals.

Fourteen years of experience in the coffee business: a few hundred thousand prepared cups of coffee, roasting and testing of more than 20 thousand lots of coffee beans ... and the author has created a detailed picture book of practices preparing high quality coffee in a coffee shop. The instructions are clear, even for beginners, and tips are interesting professionals. With omegle alternative chat you will find tons of fun!

Conclusion: this book should be read by every barista.

Murray Carpenter "to caffeine"

For all.

Murray is science journalist who writes about coffee and caffeine, Murray, a thorough knowledge of the subject of his work: he visited dozens of coffee plantations around the world, took more than 70 interviews, and reviewed medical research and conclusions. Murray’s brother is an ecologist and a cardiologist, helped him to understand the scientific issues and findings. The result is a book that contains a detailed investigation of the properties of our favorite drink whether coffee is harmful; how many cups of coffee you can drink during the day; it is more useful: tea or coffee; which still contains caffeine.

Conclusion: this book is not only useful for those who want to know everything about your favorite refreshing drinks, but also to all those who think that there is only caffeine in coffee. Hunting for new emotions? Try cam4 men chat!

Peter Hernou "Coffee"

For: lovers of real coffee.

The book is about the art of coffee as a world champion for latte art, the art of drawing on the surface of the drink. The author in his emotional book tells about how to make your cup of coffee is not only incredibly delicious, and delightful to look at. Various experiments with coffee and various additives that should be done to the grain properly disclosed their aroma and flavor in your cup. The author with so much love and passion has written a book that you definitely ignite the desire to try his recipes.

Conclusion: read and use the coffee people who love not only to drink but to cook flavored drink.

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