Talking about the ex: a reference, signal or a comparison?

Talking about the ex: a reference, signal or a comparison?

People are so arranged that alone cannot survive. But all you can tell the satellite or is there some area, invade that should not be? How often do you want to talk about past experiences to current mate? Sometimes talking about the old relationship is simply impossible to avoid. Learn more with our randomchat blog

I'm the best, you're the best

First you need to understand what it is about past relationships people want to know - or rather, what he is interested in this. Men and women want to be the best in everything - in bed, communication, support, etc. Hence is the alleged comparison. Why supposedly? After all, you already know that you're the best / better. "My ex did not know how to cook", "you are the most intelligent," "better than you in bed there was no one" (a horrible option, which should be forgotten forever), and many other examples show that the reference to the ex-partner, in this case cannot be held any meaning. It's more of a compliment or flattery. However, there are other cases where previous experience is referred to with a purpose.

Oh, how good it was before

Have your partner or you still have warm feelings for the previous person. Even years later, it may be longing for the relationship that you had with someone once. Problems arise when you start to mention the experience of the old and, telling about it to some listeners, and its half. Possible solutions: If you remember, the one way out is to keep quiet. It is difficult, but doable; if your partner remembers, is complicated. Resentment, scandal - is not the solution. We must try to understand our mate, to talk about ex-partner, but in moderation - what brings back memories?

On the first date

During flower-candy period so casually thrown phrase as "my ex liked me to buy unusual gifts than very pleased me," can lead to two consequences. Your spouse will try to make you gifts more often or begin to suspect that you miss the old relationship. Terms can be interpreted as a hint, although in the form of offensive. But these words may put an end to the further development of relations. Which exit? Out - Silence! Simple and effective. The main thing to remember is that the new relationship will never be similar to previous experience. So why talk about the ex?

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