The tactics and strategies to attract women

The tactics and strategies to attract women

Attracting women online is not as hard as you may think it is. In fact, you can successfully achieve the best result if you take the do’s and the don’t into consideration. In the remaining part of this article, we will be discussing them one after the other.

1) Don't - Use cut and paste emails or do mass emailing

These techniques can be very appealing because they require almost zero effort, and you can usually expect to get some kind of response if you cast a wide enough net. That said, I highly recommend not using these strategies.

In order to attract the high quality women you most desire, you need to write special emails for each girl individually. These can be referred to as targeted emails, they only take a couple of minutes to write, and they are far more effective than emails of the generic cut and paste variety.

Mass emailing is a strategy where you send out cut and paste emails to a large number of women all at once. And it is pretty much guaranteed to get you some results, but, those results will likely come from the least desirable women that you emailed. These girls are often the same ones with grainy photos who turn out to be undatable when you meet them in real life. These are girls who are just happy to be getting emailed, and they don't realize that you just sent the same thing to 100 other girls. You will meet some classy women when you connect to our free cam to cam random stranger chat.

2) Do - have a simple message

When a woman goes on a dating site her motives are simple. She wants to find a man. So don't confuse her by writing a profile or emails that jump from one unrelated topic to another. Instead, lay things out in a linear way that she can follow by giving her some basic information about yourself that portraits you in a good light, inject some humor or something else that will make her connect to your profile emotionally, and then instruct her as to what she should do next. You could try your luck out on our chatroulette alternative.

3) Do - Appeal to her subconscious mind.

According to a statistic I just read, humans process 99.999% of all the information they receive on a subconscious level. This means that in order to appeal to a woman, and attract her, you absolutely must appeal to her subconscious. You probably already know that trying to reason with a woman and get her to like you for rational reasons never works. So, quit using your profile and emails to tell women why they should date you and start using them to stimulate her subconscious through emotionally charged language and imagery. Learning this from our professionals on our free chat with asian girls will help you get the best result afterwards.

Women are the simplest to attract if you know the right strategies to approach them, anonymous live chat will help you to learn this tactics and guide you on how to put them into use.

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