Strength Testing: Why you need a vacation

Strength Testing: Why you need a vacation

A man who is ready to go for you on the edge of the world to build a paradise in the hut, must first endure the test of vacation, according to our secret columnist Sam Amur.

I am ashamed to admit it, but because of all the arts is the easiest Ballet introduces me to a state of utter and complete lethargy. Obviously, I would inform the chief editor not loud enough or often enough, once as a New Year gift, I received a ticket in the orchestra of the Theatre. Refuse was embarrassed, so that the fifth of January, I went to watch the adventures of an anthropomorphic device for chopping nuts, known to children and their parents as the Nutcracker. Learn more with our random chat blog.

Some parents, however, does not regret the children and did not take them with you, not just still not brought them. Watch these couples - only entertainment, which can afford to "The Nutcracker" people, not differentiates the pas de deux from fuete. So, eyes around the room, I'm in at some point come across his institute comrade Glory arm, obviously, with his second wife (the first could hardly be so prettier in the last ten years). On the face of attractive brown-haired diligent frozen expression of spirituality, but Jack’s mimicry expressed far greater range of emotions: tiredness, boredom, confusion, and most unexpected relief. The feeling that Jack, accept only the first music album "Creed", and the art of fine art only pass, long-lost "Spartacus" - was generally quite pleased.

If you are really happy together - the place does not matter.

Only a good education and strict views of neighbors did not allow me to start questioning Fame directly from the hall using texts. Fortunately, during the intermission haired bullet ran to look in the mirror, and Sam just fourth attempt remembered who I was. Before he began to talk about the work, fishing, car and mortgage, I stopped him short and direct as a punch in the jaw, the question: "Do you all like it" - "Well, no. It's opera. In terms of the ballet, how can I like it? I like that we do not sit at home and not gnawed each other - as of yesterday, the day before yesterday and days ago. Believe it not, I am ready to go to the theater, in a shooting gallery, a museum and a course in sewing and cutting, but not to stay the whole day with her one on one. You know, the first time we will not have gone on vacation, and it turned out just to be together 24 hours with no entertainment and no cases - is intolerable. "  Check out our free webcam chat with girls.

What I said to Jack? Nothing.

What was I supposed to answer him? "Run away! Why build your life with the person with whom you are actually bored? And next time, met the "dream girl", it did not take me to the Seychelles from the Maldives. Lock myself with her in his one-bedroom apartment. If, after 120 hours of any of you do not want to jump from the balcony - in relationships have a chance. Otherwise, you do not like to spend time together and have fun. And this, believe the experienced bachelor, much easier to deal with alone. " You, by the way, has already bought tickets for the holidays?

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