Speed dating as cure of loneliness

Speed dating as cure of loneliness

Conception speed-dating (exactly like in online chat sites) are simple: in the evening going to the men and women, and each participant receives a number. Next, the girls sit at a table and wait for the first candidates. To meet one pair given five minutes. Then the bell rings and the men move to a new table. Everyone has a personal card with numbers where you need to put down the pros and cons of the other participants. If at the end of the evening the positive assessment of the same, then the next day you receive a letter from the organizers with contacts liked people.

The whole attraction for individuals based on the assumption that in five minutes you can see whether you like the person or not. But this is not true.

Even before the event with me in the elevator guy went. It interested me right from the first second. I decided that it would be lucky if he looked in our island of despair. Before this I used free webcam chat sites. Then quickly passed registration, he took her number and sat down at a table in anticipation of the first test subject. Fluently looking room, already knew who was who.

Some helpful advices for the women

The girls looked visibly disappointed. Nearly all come in dresses or skirts. It was clear that they carefully prepared, picking up makeup and outfit. I exchanged glances with the girl in front, and we have been got up eye contact. Five minutes later we communicated via telepathy and sympathized with each other.

Some helpful advices for the men

As for the male audience, were all as on selection: programmer, scientist, project manager, financier, editor, lawyer and other members of the standard urban professionals between 23 and 40 years old. Just like in free chat rooms audience . It was enough to look around the whole line up to start looking for ways to retreat to the nearest bar. But I decided not to interrupt the experiment immediately and ask two common questions: What do you like most in a woman and why you came here?

Who posted in every one. Someone thought that the most important thing - it is a spark that is the definition of abstract measure of mutual sympathy. Someone was looking for friendly and caring, and someone - a friend of the same interests. Others noted that they were looking to partner gleam in his eyes and the ability to tolerate the intolerable aspects of their personality. One was tuned to a serious relationship. I wanted to check whether this is actually so replied that I was only interested in entertainment. However, there was one honest. He said that he had come for the sake of the New Year. Obviously, before the holidays the desire to commit suicide out of loneliness and a desire to find at least someone grows significantly.

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