Some popular myths that should be busted!

Some popular myths that should be busted!

Myth: The Earth is a sphere

In fact, the Earth is not a perfect sphere. Due to the diurnal rotation is slightly flattened at the poles. In addition, it should be noted that the height of the different continents, as well as the fact that the shape of the surface distorts the tidal deformation. Interestingly, there are several ways to calculate the shape of the earth, each of which served as the basis for its coordinate system. Russians have used an original system called "Earth 1990 Parameters of the Year». Randomchat is the webcam chat that is was created for fun and communication.

Myth: Mount Everest - the highest mountain in the world

It is not that a myth, but not entirely accurate information. The fact that Everest id really the highest mountain, counting from the sea level. But if you keep counting from the bottom, it would be the highest mountain of Mauna Kea (10,203 m), much of which is hidden under the water. And if you count from the center of the Earth, there will be another "highest mountain" - Chimborazo.

Myth: water conducts electricity

Everyone knows that the electrical and water are not compatible. However water itself is an insulator. Just in it almost always have some or other impurities, which allow water to conduct electricity. From now you can use our mobile chat room with your device!

Myth: weightless - is the lack of gravity

We have all seen the reports from the International Space Station where astronauts are in a state of weightlessness. Many people think that this phenomenon occurs because the ISS is at a great distance from the earth and the force of attraction does not work there. In fact, at an altitude of 350 kilometers, where the station is located, the acceleration of gravity is set to 8.8 m / s², which is only 10% less than on the Earth's surface. Weightlessness is there only because of the constant movement of the ISS circular orbit, leaving the astronauts as if all the "fall forward" at a speed of 7.9 km / s. With sites like cam4 you can find some new fellows just now.

Myth: In the past, people thought that the earth was flat

It is generally believed that ancient civilizations believed in the legend of a flat earth, resting on three elephants that stand on a turtle. And only thanks to the scientists of the Renaissance and the great geographical discoveries, the world finally satisfied her real form. However, this view is far from the truth. As early as 330 BC. e. Aristotle brought evidence of sphericity of the Earth, and in the I century AD, Pliny the Elder wrote about the spherical Earth as an established fact.

However, even today there are people who believe that the earth is flat, and all governments of the world have entered into a conspiracy to hide it.

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