Some helpful advices about virtual sex

Some helpful advices about virtual sex
Some people believe that virtual sex is a kind of perversion, a surrogate for true love and people, which are general engaged is sick. Whatever it was, but cyber-sex is there and random people chat who love it too. It is possible if you are not averse to experience the charm of virtual sex. Then you will be out of place to get acquainted with the virtual etiquette.

It is a mistake to believe that sex in the network is a simple affair. Successfully conduct a session with the first time is not always possible. The first rule: do not break with the immediate offer itself. First you need to communicate with the future partner on abstract themes, and only then move on to the individual. Inquire about the appearance, age and the like. Nobody prevents you embellish yourself, create a virtual image, the main thing to remember is you invented details.

Never skimp with compliments. Remember, in the virtual sex, as well as the real is very important prelude. Describe your clothes, body, and other delights in the most vivid colours. Virtual sex beautiful, because you can describe everything as you can see in your fantasies. The reality here is nothing. Girls do not have to remember that they are now sitting in flannel pyjamas, wearing plush home slippers. It is better to describe the breathtaking lingerie that you admired not so long ago in a fashion magazine, fishnet stockings, high-heeled shoes, smooth tanned skin, sensual lips, etc. Fantasies can be variety, in agreement with your partner.

Turning to the act of love in great detail describe every your move, your every action. Therefore, if your partner except sighs, nothing more to say is not capable, then the best thing you can do is leave topics of virtual sex with the partner without concern. Just politely refuse a person needs, without hurting feelings of your interlocutor, do not tell him that he was a bad lover.

If you have a permanent partner in correspondence with which you are very close spiritually, it is interesting, you constantly think about it and generally feel carried away, but he lives in Dublin, and you're in Strasburg, the variants of sexual advances about virtual sex ,which you will agree, but he is not. Perhaps in the future you decide to meet in real life, but for now, nothing else remains.

If the virtual contact took place at the highest level, do not forget to admire the abilities of your partner. Remember, etiquette in virtual sex is not much different from the real.
Good luck to you!
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