Simple rules about etiquette in the internet

Simple rules about etiquette in the internet

Communication via the Web today is not perceived outlandish format. Many offices have long switched to Web communication, as the most effective form of business communication. Its popularity has contributed to the formation of a new style of ethical behavior. We are talking about etiquette online. While etiquette on the Web does not contain common rules and standards, but there are some rules of politeness, it is specific for chat online. About the key rules of etiquette when communicating on the Web and will be discussed in this review.

The factors that distinguish the Web from the usual chat:

  • anonymity (especially in anonymous video chat);
  • communication without borders with a large number of people;
  • mating groups of people with the same interests;
  • without the ability to communicate face to face meetings;
  • prompt decision urgent issues;
  • Access to free resources, making the Web space is cheap and accessible resource.

Even without clearly stated rules of conduct, some patterns of communication are still present. And they need to be followed for the successful use of the network. Consider the basic principles of polite behavior on the Web.

1. Be tactful in dealing

The virtual world is made up of ordinary people, which should always be treated with respect. It does not take away from them waste time making the request only on important matters. Be grateful for attention and at the same time do not forget to help, if you so request. By the opinion of people who know how to politely and consistently express their thoughts, always listen. And earn the trust of the Web is expensive.

2. Consider the interest of the Community

On the Web there are a lot of different groups and communities united by a thematic profile. Such places are subject to a specific group of standards and laws that require strict observance. Their security guard moderators that for non-compliance deprived group membership. So, before you about to join free anonymous chat, read the rules, familiar with the heading of "frequently asked questions" and if that is not enough, please contact the group for clarification. It is useful to observe the community, explore their behavior and way of communicating (Slang). Slang is a kind of filter against intruders. Do you want to be fit? Then take some time and explore the people to whom you want to join.

3. Monitor your image

The first rule of good manners is considered literate. Check your text for grammar, style and punctuation of the narrative text. Avoid ambiguous phrases, obscure language, as well as abuse and swearing. Remember, your writing can be read even by children. Respect the right to privacy of Web users. If a person has decided to do something anonymously, there is no need to criticize him for it. Be tolerant, delicately treat others follow the rules of good manners, and promote them among the other users on the network

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