Saints feelings of lovers

Saints feelings of lovers

Beloved for one who fall in love - is a special, exceptional people. This irrational belief encourages love to believe that stretched between them some special sacred bond if they destined to be together like two halves. Therefore love pampered baseless hope, bordering on certainty that the beloved really feels about the same, just another himself did not understand, and capricious. LOVE it seems that the joy of their "love" - ​​so obvious, simple and beautiful that it is completely unclear why the beloved still resists and does not like to answer. In the periods before the lover she believes that it is still a one-love, he fancies, as if they were already united with her lover somewhere in the higher plane, and soon their merger materializes. Reveling in the joy of the upcoming rendezvous, unrequited love does not realize that this supposedly common with space sweetheart - they also created from scratch swollen fantasy where no one else has access not. Doubts in these "sacred" hallucinating at first seem blasphemous, so in love, sometimes it is difficult to imagine that the beloved to him and sincerely indifferent against other people in their environment may, in general, did not allocate. Learn more with our random chat roulette blog!

No one likes unrequited love situation

When love begins with a happy, soul hopes it lasts, as a rule, they are the opposite is unhappy hopelessness. At about this stage it is already in love and begins to doubt his feelings, and kept thinking how to stop loving a person to finally sober up, return to common sense. In extreme stages undivided feelings are accompanied by horror (from the anticipated empty, senseless future without her lover) and subsequent depression. As a result, the life of sags on all fronts, self-esteem drops and love torments avalanche connect previously dormant in the depths of the soul complexes and fears. The articles I spend a separation between love and infatuation. I love call the calm acceptance of the real human love - on the contrary, the unwillingness to put up with the realities and fanatical aspiration to the desired fictional image. The premise that the beloved - this is not a real person, and a mirage of his own mind, it is better to adopt immediately, at least as a theory.

This is the first step, an incipient doubt as to shake the illusion

All modern culture deliriously romanticized love, convincing the public that it is and must run the main semantic outline of the life of a "normal" person. In fact, love at its core - is a real mental illness - an obsession, outshining mind fixated conflicting emotions. Of course, love can motivate you to look into, investigate the causes of your experiences - and in this perspective, it becomes a useful, developing soul experience. Love is not some natural and binding relationship status. It is normal to love and accept the person without zealous soul-searching. It is normal to enjoy other aspects of life only some of its resources with relations.

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