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Safety chatting: useful tips for teens

Safety chatting: useful tips for teens

If a stranger invites you to conversation pay attention to any of his attempts to find out more about you. If he begins to ask you very personal questions, such as where you live or whether you are alone at home at the moment, it is most likely the attacker.

  • Do not respond to such questions.
  • If user is persistent exit the chat room. Tell about what happened to your parents, older brothers or sisters, or other people that you trust.

  • Remember: if the person in the chat conversation begins with questions about your age, about where you live, where your parents are at home, or ask your contact phone number is a sure sign of danger. If a stranger tries hard to get from you such information, he is most likely not your same age, who wants to communicate, he is attacker.

  • Do not answer such questions or give truthful answers.
  • Tell him something like this: "Look, I do not know you. Why do you need such detailed information about me? It looks suspicious."
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