Rule of 180 degrees in webcam chat communication.

Rule of 180 degrees in webcam chat communication.

As a rule, most people negatively perceive the fact that they are taught, such an attitude they endure only by his boss, but not necessarily that they will do as they were told. Teachings cause internal protest, resistance, "we ourselves with a mustache", stubbornly wants to do or say the person to whom you are trying to influence. Rested and in any, you think indignantly (if you are interested in such subject, you can learn more with our Randomchat blog!). That's why he beat out the rug from under the feet it was absolutely the opposite of what you usually do in such situations.

Agree, approve, cheered.

Do not go too far and just let your behavior does not looks like a mockery, serious facial expression and tone of voice. Even if you have to say something like: "Smoke on your health, do not deny yourself the pleasure, in any case. If you help - it means it is necessary to smoke more often, or even stronger." Watch the reaction partner in his words, sometimes the effect is instantaneous, but more often a person needs some time to make sure of the sincerity of your intentions. But positive changes, even small, you will notice, as a rule, immediately.

Rule Act as if...

Relationship problems often arise due to the fact that people imagine that anticipate the future. Anticipating the negative consequences, we begin to behave in a way that provokes the interlocutor react to our words or actions in a certain way. Subtle signals that we send, it often leads to the results, which we fear.

Think and imagine.

How you would behave if they expected from the other sympathy and support. Determine for yourself how you feel about your partner when positive attitude, behave "as if". We hope that this text would help you in your amazing cyber journey in searching of friends and love!

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