Role playing: the rules for adult entertainment

Role playing: the rules for adult entertainment

We found out what good role play in sex and how to organize the process, to get maximum pleasure, learn more with our random video chat blog.

The idea of ​​games comes in different ways. Some remember with awe the graduation supervisor and years later still dream to reach the forbidden fruit and seduce "the professor." Others are looking for a way to bring back the spark in classic relations, which, incidentally, is absolutely normal when we get something nice quite often, the level of dopamine "pleasure hormone", which is produced at the same time, becomes lower. In a sense, we are all - complex biochemical laboratory, and some things, unfortunately, occur in addition to our desires. Role playing in this case - a great way out: they are not so much a part of sex as a way to make an interesting, non-trivial and exciting prelude, to light the same fire that burned brightly the first months of relations. And another thing: often interferes with good sex not his routine and environment. No matter what is at stake: a child who is about to wake up, or on the report, which must pass by Friday. Role playing helps to abstract from everyday affairs, to become someone else, without load obligations and filled with diary.


The idea to change into a sexy flight attendant makes you laugh rather than excitement, but an attempt to offer this partner seems even less appropriate? Do not rush to abandon the idea. The sexual side of life almost all perceived as deeply personal, and the fear of ridicule and contempt towards this fragile part of myself scare. The easiest way to deal with the situation - to begin to talk about their desires on the principle of one another "you me - I told you." Light the candles open a bottle of wine and share your fantasies - one at a time, starting with the fact that it seems the safest. You can talk in turn about them and can exchange issues. "You would have liked sex blindfolded?" "Would you like me to tell you what to do, and to give orders?" No need to go beyond your comfort zone if you find something that you both like it, you can start for implementation. Go run for the best costume is not necessarily in a sex shop. Own appearance in the dress of many nurses at best laugh, and often encourages hide away from someone else eyes. This does not mean that the suit is necessary to put an end: it is possible, having played a couple of times; you get the hang of, and in the mirror no longer seem quite so ridiculous. But for a good game outfit is not required, the main thing is imagination and spirit. Tired? Try our video chat with girls.

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The difference between playing in a student and a professor, or a bully and a decent girl are in the game dynamics. The most common are domination and submission. Nurse, saying how it is necessary to undress the patient, or to stand on all fours, is dominated by a single image. Hooligan is pressed against the entrance wall to the neighbor - the other. In one case, it is, rather, about the education and care, in the other - about the persecution and indifference (the bully on the script to your feelings do not care).

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