Relationship in network: myth or reality?

Relationship in network: myth or reality?

There are times when you sit for hours on dating sites, random cam chat sites and social networks, to "kill" time. How many people thought about the reason why they start to write messages to a stranger? Interesting? Boredom? Flirt? Or maybe you just do not have adventure in your life?

And in the face so hard to look

It all starts with a harmless "hi". On the other side of the screen sits a blue-eyed brown-haired tall guy and starts talking about his successful work. After a week of this love to feel sympathy for him, it doesn’t mean that you are not feeling anything. However, it takes a couple of days and a beautiful stranger makes an appointment. Hope begins to melt when an ordinary mechanic of average height has brown hair and rather remarkable kind of person. In this case, the blame is only you. Rather than determination and optimistic take up, and getting to know the network immediately goes into real communication. Dreams, which gives us the network, in most cases only remain forbidden fruit and are being implemented in a few cases.

There are those, who have no reason to lie

Love at a distance, or the ratio of the network is our opportunities. The question is where it leads. Often there are examples of sincere and developing into a marriage of love. Just it turned out that half of your left compliment for your photo. Rarely but aptly fate presents and such gifts. All that is required to teenagers in modern times is to communicate with people that are close in spirit. Not surprisingly, they found kindred spirits in chats, groups and forums. By creating artificial life on the Internet, many people forget that the reality is much more interesting. Here convey the colors of life, inner spirit; the ambient atmosphere is much easier than in the picture or video.  Even chat via webcam does not give joy and emotion perfume smells, sounds and sensations of the fountain of the massage. The virtual world is needed for the "rest" of everyday ordinary life. At risk, we make friends, discover their hidden secrets, to explain the feelings, fooling around, but the guarantees of reciprocity do not get.

No need to play the senses

Voltaire said that all desire is the beginning of needs. Speaking about relations in the virtual space is necessary to realize that the truth in the "spoken" words equivalent to the share of lies. The more you begin to rely on the source, the more you become immersed in the illusion. Everyone is free to choose what to believe, and how much. That true that lie exudes from the mouth of the interlocutor can be a delight for a certain individual. Otherwise, people will no longer trust even the most near and dear.

Blessed life, while you living without thoughts

Relationship network there and it's real. The question is different, between whom the relationship. You can meet like-minded overseas or colleague from another country and you can get acquainted with the housemate. While gray has not appeared on the hair, experiment. Meet, meet, fall in love, and make a family. But never forget that the relationship with the man of the flesh is no substitute for relations with impeccable and beautiful profile picture.

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