Rejecting a guy online

Rejecting a guy online

It happens that online dating a man very quickly, we get bored. Interlocutor with whom you met on dating site or free chat dating sites is not as interesting as it seemed at first and you wanna stop this communication. But not all guys understand that to them have lost interest and may continue to flirt with you. How to make clear for boy that he absolutely isn't interesting for you? There's quite thin line between being politely refuse and dump the rough, hurt a person's feelings. When you don't wanna be rude or rough, read some of our tips.


Tell the truth


Don't wait until situation will disappear itself because it can take much time and hurt the feelings of the person. It's better say that guy doesn't match expectations with reality. Better he learns about it immediately rather than continuing to go on living in their imaginations. Tell him  you don't like  all his advances. Remember, at the first time do it as gently as possible.




When such things doesn't work at all try to offer him friendship. For most men, these words sounds like a humiliating defeat and he is likely to cease their courtship. In addition, there is chance that you really will find new friend.


Make it simple


If guy still did not stop his attempts so time of gentle methods are in the past. Be much tougher and direct now. Say for sure that you don't care how he will be up to you. None of the options don't be able to change this decision and he wouldn't please you.


Toughens measures


He still writes to you? Well, you really have met a bad case. If after all this guy still does not understand you need to back off, so you don't feel sorry for his feelings. Say, if he try to continue to write and be intrusive, you simply hate him.


Depicting sadness


Another method is quite tricky to pretend sadness to blow the guy. You can compose a sad story or save the mystery, saying common phrases that in your life is very difficult period now and you are emotionally not ready for some new relationships and love is absolutely not what you need.


When all else fails?



If you have tried all the methods and your nerves are on edge - Just ignore him. Yes, it can be rough, but your mental balance will say “thank you”.


Do not talk anymore!


If you decide to reject the guy in any case it's not necessary to start a dialogue with him. Even if you are very sad or lonely. He can take it as a new chance to win you. It's not necessary to give loophole to one, from whom you have just escaped.


These tips will be useful to those girls who are meet guys online on dating sites or chat roulette sites, but will also be beneficial for the relationship in real life.

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