Reasons of ignoring online

Reasons of ignoring online

If you don't want to pass a strange and unpleasant type in online community you need to carefully approach the creation of profile and to further its use. In fact, your account is a demonstration of your personality to the whole crowd of people. If you register in social networks or some free chat room you need to communicate with other people and their opinions are important to you.


This is especially true for those who registered on free dating chat rooms. You don't do it just to be ignored? These seven tips will help you create a good account and to avoid stupid mistakes, because of which you can ignore.


Try never to do the following:


Bad Profile Photos


If no one talks to you online, may be problem in your photos? I'm not saying you must look like on the magazine over but do not place the photo where you look like a homeless person. Avoid dirty household T-shirts and dirty hair on your photos, presents to people better version of you.


Strange Posts


I think all annoying when people send unclear messages, especially if you have no idea who this person is. Do not use this scheme ever, much better to follow accepted rules of etiquette in the chat.


Mockery of the words


What is really annoying, it's the person Wh0 tyP3 Lyke Th15. Really? What are you trying to say? I don't understand why break the brain to the other party if you can put normal language. Moreover, it is not convenient abbreviations which help to write faster, it's just mockery of the useless words.




I am sure that people sending out spam are on the top positions of hatred in most of Internet users. If you start sending people some advertising and other nonsense, be prepared for fact that very soon all those people ENTERED you to blacklisted, so talk to them not to come out.


Posting new status every 5 minutes


Internet gives us freedom to express our thoughts and blah blah, please don't abuse this opportunity. If you're so eager to tell world what's happening to you every five minutes, do not be surprised if your friends start from you unsubscribe.


Nobody wants to be news feed filled with your face ... Well, in extreme of few cases.


Too revealing


There is nothing terrible if sometimes you place scant picture, it can even be sexy. But do not get involved in this. Remember that on your account people create an opinion about you. If you don't wanna look like whore in public eyes it is rarely worth doing.


A lot of talks


There are people who just annoy their excessive sociability. Your friends don't need to know everything that happened in your life that day. People can really appreciate your opinion on various issues, but too much text simply tired. This point is particularly true of communication in chat rooms. Do not be intrusive. Think about whether your message is interesting to the other party before you send it.

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