Randomchat can be hilarious!


Today Ranodmchat is not only the way of communication between people; it is also the huge stream of fun and pranks! Sites such as chatrulette give people a lot of opportunities. Someone uses them not for other purposes, most usually met, and the unit used chatrulette as a tool for generating creative ideas. Very often chat roll becomes a platform for practical jokes and gags. Great sense of humor and creativity has led to what many ordinary people have become famous due to its behavior in chat.


Thus, to provide a list of several people who have become popular thanks to chatrulette:

  1. Steve Cardinal - the cheerful, bearded man took a series of funny videos in roulette chat, Steve distinguishing feature - a fun parody. Most popular video call Me Maybe (CHATROULETTE VERSION) managed to collect more than 31 million views.
  2. Drew Malino and Paul Griffin least famous in roulette chat, than Steve Cardinal. The boys began to spread first movie back in 2010 and quickly gained popularity. Cheerful trolling coupled with the charisma of both youtubers makes them very qualitative videos and funny. Already there were more than 30 movies is dedicated chat roulette, each gaining 100 thousand to several million views.
  3. Dominic DeAngelis - 19-year-old actor, comedian, entertainer. It has a large audience in the YouTube. Often he sits in chatroulette and fun with Popeye the interlocutor. Rollers with his jokes and gags also enjoyed immense popularity in the network.What is the main feature of the jokes in chat roulette? You can be the ordinary man who only uses their sense of humor and funny idea can be popular network, creating funny situations with interlocutors in chat. Communication with people often results in unexpected turns, which can bring a smile or a real hoot from the audience.
  4. Carlos show - killer in the video chat, this is the first live show with prank murder in webcam chat sites! We hope that you will enjoy these videos and you will appreciate our most thrilling, "Killer in the video chat". This prank, we hope, will be able to show Randomchat users the reaction of ordinary people in the video chat, who stumbled on something out of the ordinary for the person who is going to kill someone. All this looks very not standard and fun. The next edition of the show "The killer in the video chat" will be very soon! We hope that this article would help you to spend your time with fun!
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