Psychology of the relationships in the Internet. Features of virtual dating and relationships. Part 2

Psychology of the relationships in the Internet. Features of virtual dating and relationships. Part 2

Happy person in online chat attracts good friends, colleagues and even favorable circumstances, all of which contribute to its further prosperity. "Loser," rather, pessimistic, negative sentiment identity, on the contrary, draws negligent or abusive mentor’s incorrect comrade’s useless colleagues, dangerous strangers, falls into fatal situations becomes a victim of accidents.

Everyone who interacts with the bearer of positive domestic trends - regardless of their will - it will help in achieving the objectives. Winner of the negative "radar" of those same people "borrow" especially painful reactions or simply allow themselves to be treated badly, unassuming and tacitly agreeing on everything.

Indirect consent is an unconscious person's predisposition to a tacit acceptance or the provocation of a negative attitude or exposure to others in public video chat. Preserved and transmitted from generation to generation of undesirable hereditary traits that manifest in one aspect of life and have a significant impact on the other - a marriage, relationships with people, health.

What should i do next?

In this case, one and the same person is a negative factor in at least two functional units, unknowingly contributing to strengthen not only its negative models, but the one who interacts with it. "Victim" and her "stalker" attracted to each other are not an accident or a failure, and the natural law. Explains the discovery of the law of Newton's law of gravity, according to which the force of attraction between two bodies is proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. Family law defining the basic laws of behavior and relationship of family members, may be modified, if a person wants to "retrain" your subconscious mind will work hard on yourself. Awareness of the negative aspects of the genetic program helps to become masters of their own lives and their own hands, mind and will create their present and future well-being. With conscious effort, appropriate action and positively perceived life experience a person can give up the position of the victim, to change their attitude to the world, people and myself.

Terms of NLP (Neuron Linguistic Programming) to communicate effectively - both virtual and real life, enriching our lives:

  1. The meaning of communication is in response interlocutor.
  2. Behavior is not the man himself.
  3. Behavior changes according to the context (the circumstances of communication).
  4. The non-verbal language (the language of gestures, intonation, etc. - which, unfortunately, not in the virtual communication) is the most truthful source of information.
  5. The more choices, the more freedom.
  6. Everyone chooses and makes the best of what he can do.
  7. Every action has a positive intention and so it is useful and meaningful.
  8. Look at failure as feedback.
  9. Everyone has the resources to change.
  10. All that is possible in this world, it is possible for me.

The purpose of virtual dating and relationships in public video chat rooms should be to develop communication skills to improve the quality and satisfaction with relationships in real life. Ideally, any Internet chat at some point must have reinforcement in the form of real relationships - at least on Skype, even if from time to time, otherwise great chance to socialize in a fictional, invented by a man.

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