Psychology of the relationships in the Internet. Features of virtual dating and relationships. Part 1

Psychology of the relationships in the Internet. Features of virtual dating and relationships. Part 1

There are also negative aspects of online dating and relationships, and they can not mention.

Cons virtual communication:

  • Difference between communication cam chat and the expense of relationships in real life.
  • The absence of non-verbal communication is using gestures, intonation, etc., which impoverishes the communication and gives rise to misread the interlocutor, overestimated or underestimated.
  • Ability to meet with extortionists breaks the trust in order to further monetary enrichment.
  • Virtual communication has increased, compared with the usual social contacts with emotional excitement.


Additional information about the latest features of the virtual communications.

Virtual Love, "Love on the Net" (the further development of this feeling already individually, could come to nothing, or turn into a serious long-term relationship in the real world) - it is very common on the Internet "disease", a sort of "virtual measles," which in the light or heavy form of chickenpox almost everything. Most often, virtual romance is a state of extreme excitement, bordering on euphoria those resources as best freewebcamchat portals are giving to us. Virtual romance develops very quickly, something that in reality takes months, the Internet fits into days. However, the end such novels are very fleeting. No meetings in reality, virtual romance is rarely last more than six months.


General principles for virtual communication and relationships in real life:


  1. This is a dialogical interpersonal communication; where both partners are equal, at least, on the best free chat rooms.
  2. Previous experience, genetic features (temperament), and especially education, a society in which a person turns, forming standards of communication set patterns of behaviour, which a person learns to follow when interacting with others.
  3. It is necessary to understand the uniqueness of each partner in communication and in no case do not fit the inner world of another person under his stereotypical vision.
  4. Scientists and researchers developed quite different from the previous theory to explain the behaviour of the process of communication as a genetically determined.

The main terms of the choice of communication style psychogenetic considers basic inner direction and the negative emotions that are intertwined with life circumstances form a certain pattern of behaviour, constantly repeated from generation to generation.
Model behaviour is a steady, regularly repeated, "recognizable" form of behaviour, or patterns. Patterns similar to physiological information, transmitted from generation to generation: the individual history of man repeats the story of his parents or one of its ancestors. The pattern formed by the previous consciousness and experience, family history of the third-fourth generation lies in the individual behaviour.

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