Psychology of the relationships in Internet. Features of virtual dating and relationships.

Psychology of the relationships in Internet. Features of virtual dating and relationships.
People with whom we enter into a mutually pleasant relationship, that’s what I calling a home. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Why relationships in web can be attractive? What kind of pitfalls in virtual relationships? Whether to rely on the seriousness of virtual dating?

That's what will be discussed in this article, which written on the basis of numerous investigations especially of virtual relationships and recognized concepts of interpersonal relationship. Find some friends to make virtual relationships you can easy at our random chat site.

First of all, consider the positive aspects of the internet dating and relationships, and more of them than it might seem at first glance.

Advantages of virtual relationship:
  1. Voluntary contacts and relations;
  2. The ability to interrupt the dialogue at any time;
  3. Errors in virtual relationship is easier to fix it, especially until they moved into relationships in real life;
  4. A wider circle of friends - an opportunity to find a companion for soul or partner for serious relationships;
  5. There is no virtual pregnancy and exclude the possibility of contracting an STD;
  6. The possibility of realization of personal qualities, playing roles, experience of emotions, for whatever reasons, frustrated in real life;
  7. Self-disclosure and development of your strong qualities in virtual relationship;
  8. The development of relationship skills, a lot of confidence in yourself as a whole;
  9. Etc.
There are also negative aspects of online dating and relationships, and they can not mention.

Cons virtual relationship:
  1. In the case of relationship, based only on a dialogue, you can be unpleasantly surprised after meeting in real life.
  2. The absence of non-verbal relationship - using gestures, intonation, etc., which impoverishes the relationship and gives rise to misread the interlocutor, overestimated or underestimated.
  3. Chance to meet with extortionists breaks the trust in order to further monetary enrichment.
  4. Virtual relationship has increased, compared with the usual social contacts with emotional excitement.
General principles for virtual communication and relationships in real life:
  1. This is a dialogical interpersonal communication, where both partners are equal.
  2. Previous experience, genetic features (temperament), and especially education, a society in which a person turns, forming standards of communication set patterns of behaviour, where person learns to follow when interacting with others.
  3. It is necessary to understand the uniqueness of each partner in communication and in no case do not fit the inner world of another person under his stereotypical vision.
  4. Scientists and researchers J. and Ch.Teutsch are developed quite different from the previous theory which explains the behaviour of the process of communication as a genetically determined.
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