The presence of love. Psychology virtual relationships

The presence of love. Psychology virtual relationships

What kind of property is it? Of those people that are incorporated in the vector people with visual or audio-visual bunch, speaking terminology system-vector psychology. Fall in love with a completely unknown ... image, picture, to just see in the printed word the whole gamut of emotions can people with imaginative, visionary. Similarly, line up on free chat without registration and build relationships between a man and a woman with a bunch of audio-visual. They could fall in love in the visual but audio abstraction fill their virtual love kind of spiritual union (depending on whether the partners sound).


Psychology of virtual relationships


The presence of love there is no coincidence, and in response to the need for emotions, or, systemically, in response to a shortage of vision. As if the man has always dreamed of becoming an artist, and became a designer, and some kind of emptiness there still exist, despite the simple fact that he has something to boast.


People think in terms of good and evil, beauty and love. After all, given the nature of the properties, and provide them, we, the people. People potentially able to love all mankind, but sometimes due to the abnormal development in childhood, not only to love does not grow, but just to live without the fear of not learn. Root of people state - the fear, the state of "in itself", and only when the fear imposed outside, it is transformed into compassion, empathy, empathy and love. Therefore, for example, it is very necessary that read in childhood horror and horror fix it to a state of fear and significantly inhibit development.


Emotional communication


Yet it is necessary to build an emotional link with partner. Partner cannot live without them, if not with a parent - as a pet, not with the animals - with a toy. Not a real person - as with the free local chat sites. And in each case partner serious. Love between the Internet users is easy: he is so amorous, and even if all the conditions agreed! And now the state of view (in the system sense) depends on whether this relationship will result in dependence on the partner. At the same time that the virtual partner - minor matters: the heart in the same way.


Immunity against "virtual measles" could and should be strong. If we are dependent appeared with the "patient" it is better to not wonder how to handle ourselves. We should learn more about how to build an emotional communication with your living environment. And it can be done by focusing not on their own experiences and tantrums, and the world outside them.

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