Open relationship: pros and cons

Open relationship: pros and cons

Nowadays classic patriarchal family, in which the man is the breadwinner and the woman waiting for him at home to make dinner, is no longer a mandatory norm. Society is increasingly tolerant of other forms of relationships between two people. One of these new forms is open relationship, and random chat will tell about it. They are based on the desire of couples to rid themselves from the pangs of jealousy, scandals and trifling quarrels.

In an open relationship based on each partner is the ability to do almost anything he wants. Open relationship in pure form does not recognize any limitations. Moreover, each partner can have sex with any other man.

Curious paradox is the fact that an open relationship is the most durable. Partners have the opportunity at any time to escape to another, but still remain together. Open relationship are the most popular in Western Europe. There they often choose:

Young people

Young boys and girls, is not yet ready for a serious relationship and responsibility, often opt for an open relationship. This allows them to create strong alliances on the one hand, and be able to enjoy the youth.

Note, however, that free relations need a high degree of emotional maturity. It is necessary to overcome the possessive, which are written in us at the genetic level.


Successful people who have no time for jealousy and scandal often chose an open relationship. This allows them to have a permanent partner, but do not cares about any joint plans and not worry about fidelity, and so on.

Couples married for a long time

Paradoxically, but in an open relationship are often saving the marriage. Some freedom of manners makes it possible to ignite the senses with a bang and make the lives of each of the spouses is much more diverse. In addition, each of the pair is able to once again remember why he fell in love with a soul mate.

Open relationship - it is a radical choice. It assumes that you know how to control yourself, and you do not have a sense of ownership of the partner. Such a relationship can be a boon, but only for those who really need them. However, do not deliberately adjust them, if you feel you do not fit.

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