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Not basic instinct: why young people stopped loving sex. Part2

Not basic instinct: why young people stopped loving sex. Part2

According to University of Cambridge researchers, the majority of women in the UK do not go to bed without a tablet connected to the Internet. Communicate with each other Generation Y also prefers virtually - through social networks and mobile apps. This also partly applies to sexual intercourse. Virtual sex via free webcams chat sites attracts young people not only as safe and accessible, but also it means ability to disguise their complexes and to realize the most daring fantasies. A major role is also played by the spread of pornography and sex toys that provide a quick discharge. In addition, publicity that appeared in the era of social networks discourages the youth by establishing new friendships and sexual relationships. No one does not want to be the one, about whom his or her partner writes, for example, on Facebook, revealing intimate details of date. So comes out that young people are in search of trusting relationship.  Learn more with our webcam chat blog, where you will definitely find some interesting articles about such modern, but unusual subject as relationships between people on the Internet.

As another reason for the libido decreasing experts call the focus of young people in education and careers and the reluctance to take any efforts to establish sexual relations. Children of 1990` are extremely ambitious. They are afraid to get involved in a relationship of which they cannot get out, and what may to prevent them to continue to study or to work successfully.

For example, in Japan, to get married to a woman means to end her career: 70% of Japanese women leave jobs after the birth of their first child. And as to occupy a high position in the Japanese corporate system is not easy for women, most of them, having achieved success, do not want to sacrifice their profession. Many young people consider that sex and relationships are simply uninteresting, and they prefer to spend time on their own development or entertainment. Here is what one 18-year-old American says: "The usual meeting lasts at least two hours and all this time I'll be doing something that will not bring me real pleasure." He admits that this time he would prefer to hold for studies or a video game. Among the reasons for sexual inactivity researchers also call young people's concern of their own health. This generation is much better informed about the risks associated with promiscuity. HIV outbreak, which occurred in the years of youth of their predecessors, makes young people`s behave more cautiously. Among other reasons of avoiding sex psychologists reckon young people`s lack of self-esteem that is caused by general obsession with perfect forms, advocated gloss, poor physical health and banal laziness.

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