Love is looking for intimacy and desire needs to distance

Love is looking for intimacy and desire needs to distance

Relationships season on cam chat portal Randomchat is keep going, and now we going to talk about the difficult subject.

One of our mate is actually loves chatroulette alternative sites, and he is also a good family therapist, and here is his opinion. At first acquaintance with any pair I always ask how they met and what attracted them to each other. As a therapist usually come with problems, I rarely hear from customers that they are still experiencing the very first stage of quivering love. But sometimes useful to remind people that once they are attracted to each other. If the partners have significantly moved away or are in a difficult phase of the relationship, it is hard to remember it, but the key to understanding the whole history of the relations lies in the "myth of the creation of" a particular pair.

How to reconsider your view of relationships?

"She was beautiful," "He was so smart and funny," "We went to eat pizza, he exuded confidence and was very stylish", "For me the main proved its heat," "For me the most important thing was his tenderness," " I knew that she did not give up, ", “We are used free chat sites together” "I adored her hands "," its members "," Her eyes "," His voice, "" He cooked omelettes and they are great. " The ideal lover we always describe the lavish and colourful words. Love is generally a manifestation of purely selective perception. And even if all mixed up on the mistaken judgment but who cares at the very beginning?

Some helpful advices to the subject

We exaggerate the positive qualities, in which we love, and ascribe to elect almost mythical figures. We change our lovers they are changing with them: "I am with him as laughing," "Next to her, I felt very special," "We talked for hours," "I knew I could trust her," "She accepts me I felt it, "" Thanks to him, I felt like a beautiful woman." These responses confirm how great our choice, and emphasize its ability to make us better. According to the analyst, Ethel Spectre Person, "love is born within us and is a product of the imagination, the creative act, designed to satisfy our deepest aspirations, desires and dreams of old; it helps us to change and transform." Love allows us to express who we are, and at the same time to rise above this way.

Home relationship is always associated with a large number of options, such a chat with random girls. Love, we imagine a new version being. You look at me as I myself have never looked. You are smoothed out my shortcomings, and I like you seen the image. With you, through you I'll be what wanted to be. I will be whole. Being chosen their choice is one of the greatest pleasures of love. Hence, there is a feeling of self-importance. You confirm that I have value.

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