How to keep love that is in distance between us? What are the challenges we face at parting? How to turn our feelings at a distance of a blooming garden, called "happy love"? Psychologists believe it can be overcome even thousands of miles separating and strengthen the feeling.  If you interested in subject, you can find more with our free chat room blog!

What are the problems faced by loving people who are at a great distance from each other?

 Let us consider the main ones. PARALLEL LIVES The greatest difficulty in the relationship at a distance - to be a part of each other's lives. Funny case on the job, the accident in the parking lot, a little adventure at the grocery store - all of this, it would seem, has no value, and in a week and completely forgotten. But when living together with someone else, there is a relationship between you and feeling a sense of belonging to each other's lives. The most difficult to account for those couples who are used to seeing each other every day, and then were forced to leave for an indefinite period. Check out omegle alternative chat! After living together it gives a lot of benefits and imposes certain obligations, lovers accustomed to rely on each other to decide all together, spend their leisure time together, and share the bad and the good in each other's lives, and suddenly it disappears.

 And now one life for two is divided into two, starting problems like innuendo, disorientation feelings and vague prospects of a common future

 Another difficulty - is the lack of communication or a complete transformation. Relationships at a distance are transformed into text-voice, which makes them a little flawed, especially when the couple before separation is regularly communicated and seen. In this modern age, of course, there are plenty of alternatives to live communication: telephone, text messaging, video calling, social networking, but they still do not fully perform their functions. Cam 4 men is the great webcam chat!

It develops a sense of intimacy

And requires not only mental but also physical. Long-distance relationship is inherent in another specific difficulty in communication - not (as required) to find out the relationship with all conventional methods. People who are geographically far apart, can not quarrel and then reconcile peacefully as it is available to other couples living in the same territory or in the same city. In a situation when one ignores the phone calls and messages, the other can not come running to him (it) at any time to solve the problem. Therefore, each row in danger of being the last.

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