Let’s talk about the ideal relationships

Let’s talk about the ideal relationships

So it turns out that almost everything in this world expects to find your happiness in a relationship is. Work, hobbies, self-development and other senses are just a supplement to the basic outline of universal hopes and expectations. No one wants a scandals that drubbing nerves, lapping, jealousy and despair. But we all are waiting for a dream come true, and a great light of love and peaceful agreement. Perhaps affected by upbringing, stamped values, interesting stories and movies is too tightly hammered this ideal of happy relationships in our heads. Let’s see the analogy, where it is said that the relations which are expected are a Hollywood commercial cinema - sugary fairy tale with a happy ending. And situations, obtained in real relationships - this is a European films with serious overtones (also known as " different"), which realistically displays all the usual and turns mere mortals. But in reality all about some drama and Mayat, which in terms of its prevalence and is a "normal" average statistical relationships. In fact we have a lot of couples that play content, shiny faces, and lament over their cracked fairy tale in secret, often in tears, as if recognizing that life is not good at the mercy of the public. Learn more with our free random chat roulette blog.

Only because the dream was too naive and child.

But even a series of "failures" and separations are free to continue to continue to amuse the blind hope - it is like the Phoenix, burns and is reborn again and again. You believe in fairy tale. They say the whole thing in the right, my man, which should be easy to find - and then happiness will come. But as is the man from whom this "happiness" depends, literally immediately begins to spin another drama. I hope it does not fade once the final (could easily have escaped), and passes through the small cycles of death and rebirth, as if waiting for his final incarnation happy, looking forward to when the dream finally come into full force once and for all. And that happiness has begun necessary so that's absurd "detail" to the partner ceasing to break, finally realized that he - the same only and has already begun to love truly in full force. Well, yes, quite like a fairy tale. It is such a fabulous understanding of the partner is expected to fall in love with him when.

The awareness of this will happen once and forever.

To happiness was "real» undefeated until the end of time. But even this is not enough. This eternal love is necessary to prove daily that in eternity it could be no doubt about it! Otherwise - the next cycle heartbreaking drama. As if from the icy water - into the fire - and back - and so the circle again can throw consciousness as long as divorced from life ideals will not burn out completely. Drama and fairytale are two sides of the same coin. It is not possible to isolate from the ideal and keep the one joy. The stronger the relationship idealized, the more powerful the subsequent break-up, frustration and disappointment. LOVE owns feelings that may seem holy, not subject to sacrilegious doubts. So fabulous inspires hope so difficult to subject to critical analysis - they just believe - hard, of course, enthusiastically. 

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