Lame catch phrases in chat

Lame catch phrases in chat

We made for you a selection of typical phrases that can instantly ruin the view of who used them. So please remember, it does not need to do.

Are those space pants? Because your ass out of this world.

Firstly, it is not necessary to discuss the girl's ass, with which you are familiar few minutes or hours. Remember, this is too rude and impolite. This phrase is commonly used not the most witty fifth-grader. Do you want to make about yourself such an opinion?

Your dad must be a terrorist, because he made the bomb!

It is difficult to feel anything but sympathy for the guy who used this phrase when dealing with the girl. Believe me, it never fails, even if you use the phrase as a joke. I know it will never be funny. If I were a fly, I land on you first. Because you're the shit.

Nice try, but the creativity at zero. I do not think that someone will please such a comparison, but you will be able to find new enemies, who never want to talk to you.

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