Interesting Facts about Webcams

Interesting Facts about Webcams

As Randomchat is about free video chat, we thought that some facts about cams might be interesting to read. First of all, let us define a cam. Generally, for Randomchat purposes, it is a realtime cam that connected to the internet continuously for an indefinite time, supplying a view which everyone can access over the web.

Some instant video chat cams are benign, helpful and pleasant in their using. Some of webcams are not available for public using and have a whole different government needs.

Did you know that cams were designed for less than 25 years? The first cam was designed in 1991. And the first view was not of a waterfall, a puppy or a group of jumping people. It was focused on a cup of coffee in the computer science Department University in Cambridge. And today there is a lot instant webcam chat portals in the web. We wonder how much action that cup has seen, and whether it really need being live streaming.

The first cam still streams a very strange subject, the fog. It is based in San Francisco and has been working since 1993. For person who likes watching some paint dry, he can see only the fog, perhaps lack of it. This was only after the first commercial text was sent in January 1992. What happened then! During thirteen years for TV to reach its market audience of fifteen million people, the internet took only four years to reach this level of market. Also IPod reached its fifty million mark in just three years. In 1984 there were just about a thousands webcams, today there are billions of them, generating an estimated 4 terabits of unique info in 2010 alone.

Funny fact about the invention of first cam

The invention of Broadband technology was a main part of cam development, and here we have a surprise. The first leading country in Broadband Internet penetration was not Japan (#22) or USA (#19); it is the isolated little island of Bermudas.


First webcams and statistics

Around the year XI century, laptops were equipped with webcams, and computer screens so they became much more useful in such subject as communication between two people in such resources as instant free chat. Randomchat users would be very familiar with this subject. Cams are now most used for interview, virtual dating, and even communicating in sign languages; this is a real miracle for people with hear diseases and the deaf. Looking back over our Randomchat blog from the more technical view, he has showed some interesting cam uses which have hit the news nowadays.

The rating of tech development continues apace, so no one knows what the uses for the cams will be able in the future, and such words as free «instant chat rooms no registration» is just a beginning . Today most of technical information is doubling every 2 years so for those starting a four year technical rate it means that half of what developers learn in their first year of study would be outmoded by the 3d year!

Today Japan is examine a fibre optic wire that able of pushing 14 trillion bits every second down a single ply of fibre and supercomputer is about to be produced which exceed the computational possibilities of the human brain. Now we are hoping you continue to enjoy viewing our ever-expanding selection live cam chat top-list on everything from towns and beaches to girls and fun spend time.


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