Zeal of its "composition" jealousy is a mix of different emotions. If my partner goes wrong, as I expect, not like, in my opinion, should be treated to a loved one (to me), I feel hurt. I tell him: "You do not love me!" I may be ashamed that I have a cheating husband, I feel ashamed - that think of me other people? I can be jealous of a real or imagined rival, comparing its features with its. If I believe that my favorite has to like what I like, and he suddenly shows independence, I feel a loss of power over him. Thinking that the ability to change the partner is to blame me, I suffer from feelings of guilt. I can feel offended by the behavior of my partner.  Check out our new random chat rooms!

My jealousy can grow out of feelings of inferiority, when I'm sure I cannot be like just like that, just for what I am. Each of the above emotions may be the basis of jealousy. The problem is that usually we realize not them, but only the result: "I'm jealous," SGM draws our attention to the "emotional ingredients of" jealousy and how to meditate about the grievance, guilt, shame, jealousy - we mentioned in previous articles.

 If he or she doesn’t jealous that mean that he or she don’t love me

 In his lectures about meditation of jealousy he was emphasized that our society supports, endorses and cultivates jealousy. The Company distributes myths about the origins of jealousy and its role in love relationships, for example, "is not jealous - not like", "jealous - it means there's a reason," "that there is no jealousy, no need to give a reason. Check out our sites like cam 4, it worth it! Books and movies in detail and clearly explain how to behave, if you are jealous. What will people say about a man who admits that is not jealous of his beautiful wife? It was considered naive, not knowing life, gullible, stupid or just not loving. Even if the flash of jealousy leads to murder, the so-called state of passion becomes a mitigating circumstance in the judicial practice.

According to Freud, jealousy needed by society, because it is the guardian of adultery

 With jealousy society seeks to ensure the preservation of loyalty to each other, men and women, who live together, that is, to control their sexual behavior. Check out our girl roulette chat! Jealousy contributes to the implementation of the commitments, which take the wife. It is believed that they are the offender deserves condemnation and contempt (remember Anna Karenina).

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