Hunting for the guys. How girls picking up the guys

Hunting for the guys. How girls picking up the guys

Classification is the most shameful than can deal with the person who wrote about the relationship in online chat resource Randomchat. But on this subject no other way to handle it. Often, when meeting with the girls I was not feeling that everything goes according to the script harvested. I was tempted, but not just so, and in some roundabout way. Where the path is taken in the mind of women is unclear question. But it is clear that most of these tricks are a completely opposite result. You want to escape from the seductress with all haste.

So, what girls appear to guarantee to seduce me?

Vulnerability girl

She looks at you as if she was a magic elf, and you just cut down her sacred grove. It seems that she likes to talk to you, but if there is the slightest excuse for something to take offense, she would do it. You're joking too much or too sullen today, you are not the first to say hello or to say that something is not right. And that's before you could start at least some attitude! When you finally chuck it, peace comes. A few months later in the middle of the night you get a message that two weeks ago was her birthday and you forgot to congratulate her. Maybe it is love, but it is impossible to make such.


Thoughtful girl

It will find you, even if you do not leave their contact information. It sneaks up quietly and gives hand-made-card, a CD with great music, cookies, or hanging up with you on group video chat portals. Remember as a child my mother said does not take a cookie from unfamiliar people? This is the same cookies. Takeout, however, also is a fail. Now, you are surrounded by care and awkward smile as head rush shots from the movie "Misery." She will take you home drunk, hangover pour beer talk to you about what you're interested in, never in no reproach. Your first sex is the same gift as cookies, without further ado and without any promises. Later, she tells how she was afraid to come and talk, or how she likes you. If you fall in love with another, she would wait, and then again will take care of you.


Fellow girl

One of the most idiotic ways to flirt is to try to make friends. If the relationship will develop as friendly, then nothing happens. As from the beginning there is no fire, no flirting, and then have nowhere to take it. The girl-friend to play with you in board games, support all initiatives, stupid jokes about women and spend as much time among your friends. Relationships with her as with a thoughtful are non-binding. She's a friend. You can spend time in web cam chat sites, or something, but not more. Today, sleep with it, and tomorrow she will also complain of a heart broken another. Complete failure.

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