How we make decisions?

How we make decisions?

Is there an optimal technology adoption? Is it possible to make decisions correctly and not "God put the soul"? In this regard, the disputes are constantly going on between supporters of intuition and reason. The first claim, it is necessary to go on about the heart, the second is that the decision-making is only with the help of the mind. The first is the second heartless, the second first - foolish romantics. But where is the truth? It makes sense to use both approaches. Check out free video chatrooms.

 But to do it at the same time - is difficult. Live in one and the same time, the mind and the heart - a very energy consuming, it requires a tremendous tension. When a person acutely feels make him while still think it is almost impossible: there is a hormonal storm and here no longer get to indulge in quiet contemplation. But the use of alternating the two approaches is quite real. Please apply to the decision of an intelligent approach: what would you have done on the basis of rational calculation? And then listen to intuition, to determine their relevance to the decision.

Truth is in the dynamic balance in the concerted action of the mind and heart. In fact, to pass on the edge of common sense and do not slip on the one hand, in heart failure, and on the other - do not become a prisoner of puffed up mind. Check out web chats like omegle.


Intuition usually comes to our aid at moments when we can not get reliable information rational. And true intuitive solution arises only when we have accustomed ourselves to listen and trust the internal signals, coming also through bodily sensations. In order to respond adequately and appropriately to make decisions, it is necessary not only to analyze the situation mentally, but also be aware of which bodily sensations and emotions associated with this situation. This triumvirate called awareness. Just being in a conscious state, you will be able to live a heart in harmony with reason. Random chat is your chance to have fun!

Understand their role in order to solve the problem

You need to ask yourself the right questions. But before you ask them, it makes sense to determine the order and who, indeed, you are from a "role" ask these questions? For example, you specify them from the role of a jealous wife or from the perspective of a wise woman? Jealous wife asks: "How do I get my husband did not change?" A wise woman, "What happens to our relationship, why am I unhappy with them, why they displeased her husband? What gives rise to fears in me, "Awareness of the role from which you ask questions and choices that role - an important step in solving the problem. You have to understand: who, in fact, makes the decision (a measure of the "role", from which you make a decision), and where is the one who decides in what situations? What are its limits, what are the resources?

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