How to understand the man? The situation called "I am so special and unique"

How to understand the man? The situation called  "I am so special and unique"

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CAUTION! You are to be congratulated, you have contacted with “sounder”. Oh, His Majesty sound - this is not the end of the world. But it is particularly people who do not like it. Their meaning of life lies in finding this very sense. As a rule, they are owls. Sleep tight, many (if possible), immersed in themselves, hardly go out. What about the confidence? No, it's not about them, in most cases. But if the sound in the shell, if a person is closed in itself, communicates through time, and you always think that he is not here - an occasion guard. First, you just cannot predict its behavior. What is in the mind of the patient sounder, sometimes he does not know him?

Second: harmonious relationship with him did not exist anyway.

What to do? Here solely understanding, awareness and support hidden. Moreover, act accurately and clearly, and do not harm him. The main thing for him is his own person. He wants to recognize himself, his actions, the reasons that he is doing here, why he lives. In fact, you have to understand sounder and give him a tool to get out of seashells and get rid of depression, without training on sound vector.

How to understand the man? The situation is the third "I am always right, and you're a woman"

The desire to defend his own point of view, the attitude to you on a "woman should know where is their place" or hidden resentment, perhaps unconscious.

CAUTION! The man with the inner vector under stress (at best) or have a distorted development. It threatens verbal sadism, perhaps, physical abuse depending on the particular situation and the state of the roots. It can be a master of all trades, and in the bed gently strangle you, though thus expressing an extreme degree of excitation But the passion with passion and able to smother and actually. And it's painful watching in order to put an end to. I said! I'm in charge! The man! The grotesque sense of justice, the resentment.

What to do?

Some processes are irreversible. The rest cure deep knowledge of himself through the training. Even the introductory lecture is enough to give a boost in this direction.

How to understand the man? Five cents in the treasury of understanding

Do not forget that there is always the part of the person that you think turns to you, and there are unconscious processes that actually govern them. He can say "I love you", and will have a view of the "you must love me." It will appear as powerful and strong indeed for ostentatious power is hidden weakness and the desire to assert him at your expense. Did he really will try to change something in himself, but did not understand how, because the rigidity of thinking does not allow taking something new immediately. And bring him to admit that you need to change for him - a separate stress. Understand all the intricacies of his mind, you will be able to deeply understand this man and help him to himself. 

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