Circumstances may prevent live and spend time together, but nothing can prevent communication. Phone, e-mail, ICQ, chat rooms, Skype is now the big number of opportunities for lovers to be near at least virtually. Tell and ask about what occurred the new, new hobbies, friends and experiences, consult with each other. You can try different techniques. For example, at the same time go to the cinema and see the same film together laugh or discuss episodes of the movie, share your impressions. The same can be done with the books or articles. It is possible to arrange a meeting on Skype: light the candles around a laptop, beautifully dressed and talking to each other warm and tender words. You can also set up a blog in the Internet and write about all the important events in your life, feelings and experiences.

An important condition - on this blog need to know only both of you, make it your own little secret.

 And, you can create your own rituals of communication: whether it is the daily bedtime stories or love letters every morning - depends only on your imagination and the desire to once again to please your loved one and to become even closer to him! Many people underestimate is the daily interaction, exchange of information on routine days, but in the end, when they meet some time later - feel strange. Communicate as much as possible; do not hesitate to express their feelings!  Try our new omegle chat alternative site!


Lack of self-development of your own personal life is almost the biggest mistake that can prevent people close to being apart. In my opinion, a loved one should not take all of your life, in addition to these relationships you can be friends, family, interesting work, and hobbies. You cannot limit yourself and to "freeze" their lives before meeting with her beloved. Instead - develop as a person, open to new opportunities and horizons; engage in what previously did not have time: foreign language courses, dance lessons, drawing, increasing of professional qualifications, and so on. Let the time when you are not together, you will be the time for growth. Enjoy your life, is charged positive and have fun with what you are doing. Sites like cam4 – is what you really need!

Planning the future.

 Deposit happy ending relationships at a long distance - the clearest picture of the future together. Have some plans, talk about your own expectations, and discuss them with your partner when your next meeting will and how you spend it. You can create a constantly updated list of things you are sure to do together when you see. This can be a list that is sent by e-mail from one partner to another, with the proviso that one appends to one or more of the planned activities.

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