How to stop loving the person

How to stop loving the person

I mentioned in last year's article about the professionals and the layman, that one of the main psychological skills is the ability to ask the "unquestionable". For example, when the client is convinced that his life is over and meaningless. This destructive belief, no matter how real it may seem is just a construction of the mind. Strong, thorough questioning nips the roots of destructive beliefs, freeing up space for alternative mind "slide" through which life is perceived. In today's article I will reveal this practice a little deeper on the example of love. I'll tell you about what it is diffusely held beliefs, and in what direction to focus the mind, to scrutinize your feelings. Read more with our random chat blog!

I want to note that the painful longing for the beloved is commonly referred toby the word "love."

About the difference between love and infatuation, I'll tell a little lower. In the meantime, I will inform you in absentia, to get rid of love that there is no need - it is light, not how it is bearing down feeling inherent in a healthy relationship. Therefore, answering the question "how to fall out of love", I will say it for the healing of love - this is it leads to a state close to breaking the drug. Earlier I never met specific working methods of the treatment. Almost all pop tips boil down to proposals distracted and switch. Shifting attention, we must pay tribute, is triggered. But it is not easy to implement, because love itself distract wants, but cannot - so beloved obsession absorbs that all other possibilities to occupy yourself at least something, seem empty. All this is further complicated feature of mind that encourages taking unsteady contents own psyche for the taste of the external reality. As long as love is perceived problem of the objective world, it made it impossible to look in the direction of its real subjective reasons. So usually do not even admit that you can directly affect your own feelings - try to put pressure on the beloved, "improve" themselves, or give up - say, what to do if such an unfortunate fate - still suffer in silence. Perhaps with time will pass by itself. Over time, of course, the mind space is filled with additional meanings and love with torments gradually loses their power. But the last is to switch to a normal existence may be many months. And it will not be healed from the disease, but only a lulling of her symptoms, which under certain circumstances can be awakened with a bang - and longing continue. Psychotherapy was originally based on a premise that emotions and feelings are amenable to study and correction. I mean from the love you can be treated.

Of course, there are no guarantees - it's not an exact science, but the chance of success is always there.

Deliberately to stop loving a person is quite real when you know how to love is arranged. It rests on the basis of self-deception, therefore, to fall out of love do not need to inspire yourself some nasty things about the beloved, should get rid of the lies. It will say that we managed to dig in the personal practice with clients. But I will speak with confidence, because there is good practical indicators - like love, really interested in getting rid of their agony by following these recommendations, were healed.

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