How to start a relationship in cyberspace?

How to start a relationship in cyberspace?

This question can be answered if we analyze the mechanism of love and the network, understand thereby that is forming a first positive impression about the person on the Internet. Learn more with our random video chat blog.

Communication on the Internet, like it or not, has become a new frontier in social relations. The fervor with which people are immersed in the network, give birth there dating, friends and even find a favorite, will cause a negative reaction from the skeptics. Internet opponents will argue that these relationships are not real, but they are just don’t understand them. Communication in cyberspace simply a cultural craze, and cannot be compared with real life, and those who prefer to communicate with the help of wires and chips just sick, dependent, or are afraid of close real relationships.

Is it true that the "real" relationships better than the relationship in cyberspace?

Let's see, but first, agree on the terms. What exactly do we call the relationship? This is primarily the connection of two or more people, emotionally colored. It does not matter whether we are communicating face to face or support this communication through the Internet. How to start a relationship online? Just as in life, with the dating. We ourselves choose our platform to date, whether it's a blog, dating site, thematic forum, the main thing that, coming from these resources, we automatically outlines the range of our interests. We are beginning to belong to the whole community of people who are just interested in cars, sex, money, children, animals, etc., exchanging views on various topics; we define the people close to us in their sight on life and far, know their names and the information in social networks that they are willing to provide about themselves. If you want to have some fun – try our video chat with girls.

Of course, online dating is different from the loving face to face

The network makes it more secure, introducing most often do not hesitate and do not worry as in the first meeting. It may reflect on your answers and control emotions. The Internet makes it possible to ignore the formalities (age, name, marital status, hobbies, appearance), all of this, if you wish, you can find out in advance. A feature of dating online is just as if his absence for example, in those cases where you simply exchange messages with different people on a common theme. You simply write your opinion and get back some sort of reaction, it is about how to communicate with a fellow traveler on a bus, you and he will not see. This form of relationship of surface and/or time cannot be attributed to full communion and this superficial acquaintance. Of course, they can escalate into something more communicating if they want to get to know each other on the basis of what we want to know about the interlocutor better. But where is the plant of long-term relationships in the network? There is a process of filtration potential contacts based on conscious and unconscious motives.

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